August 22, 2005

Blog in haste, repent at leisure?

Nick from work pointed out the BBC's weblog watch report this week. It talks about the changing tone on many of the blogs that mentioned the Metropolitan Police's handling of the Jean Charles de Menezes shooting in the London Underground.

Reading some of the media blogs on Friday 22 July and then nearly a month later makes for an interesting class on responsible blogging. The main rule: be careful not to write something in haste that you regret later.

Even more informative is how quiet the police blogs have been since the date. After a flurry of activity around the bombings and attempted bombings we're back to fairly sedate posting.

Much of the news today seems to be pointing this out in all walks of life. The Met's Commissioner is also having a tough time for talking too soon to the press without knowing all the facts. Seems we want all the info straightaway and to hell with the consequences.


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