August 22, 2005

Talkr: Letting blogs speak for themselves

Talkr_logo Talkr is cool. I've been speaking today with a teacher from a blind school about the use of iPods in her classroom. Podcasts are obviously a useful teaching medium and also a great boon for letting children express themselves to a real and wide audience.

Talkr, though, allows written text of others to be heard as an audio file. Screen readers have existed for a long time, but this makes blogs accessible by only reading out the post, and not all the links down the side (I've got so many it would take forever for a screenreader to read them all out loud).

It also means that borrowed computers, that do not have the screen readers installed, can be used by a partially sighted person to listen to the blog.

Get Talkr. Make your blog accessible.


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