December 07, 2005

Last Les Blogs night in Paris

Home at last with two pcoket-fulls of business cards to put into Apple Addressbook. Last night I took Ben (Hammersley, not the more controversial Metcalfe) and Neil round to my old patch at the rue Joseph de Maistre, for the best meal we have had all week in my favourite Parisian restaurant.

Ben, pictured below, was particularly chuffed that the word "Podcast", which he invented, became word of the year. It made his "The future is ours" speech even more poignant as, you know, he's probably right. Blogging isn't one of the 8 things that's going to change our planet - it's all of them. Hurrah!


An animated Ben is difficult to shoot in Paris' hippest bistrot.


Ben and Neil outside my old flat


Au revoir, Paris, mais pas adieu


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