February 08, 2006

Thursday Night 11.55pm GMT

In the week small hours of late Thursday early Friday this week I will be talking on LanguageLabUnleased with Barbara Sawhill. You can listen live here in glorious streaming audio and join in the chat. Will Richardson joins us this time round, the first webcast since he declared his professional blogvangelism status, and I will be leading on the topic I submitted to the HigherEdBlogCon, about how K-12, secondary schools and Higher Education could make the links and transition better, starting with social software.

I look forward to seeing you there and joining in with you in the chatroom. Even my mum in New Zealand can take part over her lunch.


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Sorry, kid - jetlag does funny things to lunchtime, inter alia, and at the time you mention I was sitting in a lakeside cafe in Old Cromwell drinking espresso!

What do you mean? It isn't lunchtime yet. You're REALLY jetlagged! ;-)

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