March 03, 2006

Very Creative Digital Video

Via Darren (An Extraordinary Act of Public Obedience) I saw this clever five-minute film about obeying the speed limit. Watch it right through. The best moments are at 2.45 and 3.45.

There is a high quality version here as well as more movies to watch from this Campus Movies project, involving students from around the globe creating film. Interestingly, the campus movies project has visited Scotland - it features notably as one of the few non-US centres of film-making.


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This is cool. I'd love to do that. Any takers?

I am wading through loads of movies, TV programmes and other stuff at the moment in preparation for a teacher training session next week and I have suddenly decided that this clip just has to figure. I was looking for examples of where people don't understand what the rules of behaviour are and this fits perfectly in a reverse sort of way.

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