April 21, 2006

The fortnight's not getting any easier

I don't complain much but the black colour scheme of the blog is really reflecting how I'm feeling at the moment on so many levels:

I can't wait for Miss. Tosh to return home tomorrow but what a horrible two weeks we've had. It doesn't get easier.

I still don't know what I'll be doing next year, although I'm in the happy position of having some choices, I think. Worse, though, on a practical level, is that time is becoming very short. After an admin hitch I am afraid that I won't be able to make it to Lanzarote next week for the podcasting eTwinning camp - there are simply no flights left that don't involve 15 hours of travel and lengthy stop overs on airport sofas. At the moment time at home is more valuable than spending a week waiting in airports. I am gutted, though, that this looks like an opportunity I'll have to pass up.

The Mac has ceased to be and is currently undergoing rescue treatment - we've got the information off the hard disk but I can realistically access very little of it without an elaborate collection of USB and firewire cables linking it to a life support Mac. Address book is not available yet, nor are my emails to do lists, nor are the 20 or so actionable emails that had to be dealt with. If you're reading this waiting for something from me please get back in touch. Please don't bother with jibes about backing up. Most of it is on DVDs but it doesn't make up for having system-deep information that makes Web 2.0 stuff tick. And work first time.

Finally, NetNewsWire has lost its subscriptions somewhere deep in the system. Next week I should get all that back, but missing three weeks in the blogosphere means I haven't a clue what's going on. I have ceased thinking, in fact, about the bigger picture. Not good. A summary would be welcome if someone has the will and the time.

If you have positive vibes to send over the blog now would be a good time.

Thankfully, the kids at Firrhill High School in Edinburgh have made my month with their efforts today in creating their podcast. We'll have it up on Tuesday some time. Give them a good vibe or two, as well. They deserve it.


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Seems to me you were on the point of adoption with that mac. I had recently to cut the umbilical from a treasured hardworked companion and know your pain! There comes a certain level of loss where you have to gulp and walk away. I just know you'll have the resilience.
To give some positive feedback, though, the teddy blog goes from strength to strength. The children maintain their enthusiasm despite the infrastructure letting us down so often. Your Mum amongst many others, has been a stalwart, in her support. Think we might even have a pic of your teddy bears!! Been doing some very basic French this week to talk to Flappy the crow in Tobermory and totally tickled that 2 15 year old boys took the time to take on the personna to reply. Ready now to get some sound on the blog....but got some learning gaps. Can record on a marantz... mpg3...children reading and singing ted stories and songs.
You have been suffering communication disorder, and it is a very uncomfortable condition for an addict! I believe it is curable though. You need to take megabytes and bits per second from another source, thrice daily. :-)

You're sadly missed when you go missing - a bit like my missing blog post, which I see as being lost in a fragmented state somewhere in the manner of trekkies when the transporter malfunctioned.
Remember the song the Labour party used - "Things can only get better"? On second thoughts, don't remember that: we don't want you going the way of the Labout Party, do we?



Hope things get better soon mate, I have taken your advice and started to put some articles in my own blog (http://tarannau.ethink.org.uk) but am still not sure what should go there and what I should put on my work blog!

My PC (yes PC) is in the process of rendering an hours worth of DVD showing the podcasting you did at Thomas Adams. I will give you a call in the week to get a postal address for it.

Hi Ewan,
You have been missed, here are some positive vibrations for iTunes;-)
No idea what is going on in the blogosphere as I rely on you for the that stuff.
I've found you can lose hours failing to get much done with the google maps API if you don't really know any JavaScript. One to watch though (probably on Tim Lauer's blog.
My class from last year (now primary 7) managed to blog a trip with no technical support, which impressed me.
My HD gave the ghost at Easter, I'd just backed up with SuperDuper! to an external drive so I was lucky, but I had a bad few hours, paid my shareware fee after that one. Not a jibe, but I'd really recommend SuperDuper!
All the best to you and yours.

Hope things get better for you soon Ewan. As Marlyn says Flappy the Crow has indeed been blogging and his adventures are now on our blog as a Comic as well as his answers to the questions (a very talented crow Flappy - can type as well as speak a variety of languages!)

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