May 23, 2006

Alan's on a roll

Alan is off on a roll having been given carte blamche by the organisers to continue - what a luxury for a speaker. He's certainly keeping people engaged, showing the power of internet search. What I am worried about is that some of the points I was going to make are already being made. So now, off to change the presentation and outline for 12 o'clock. I think I'll almost certainly do a podcast with the audience to show them how easy it is. With this wifi I think I can show them live how we blog, too. I'm still keen to show Skype, too, and would love to catch  someone online to record the call for the podcast. If you're around at 12-13h.00 stay online!


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Have you though that with the new 'Skypecasts' feature you could have up to 100 other people taking part in your session? Bit late now to organise for this afternoon, but a thought for the future. I intend to attempt to try it at a session some time soon.

Unfortunately will be on the train at the time you're on, and unlike some, we don't have internet access on trains in East Anglia :-(


Looks like I missed the seminar. getting access to a fast connection here is difficult.

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