May 24, 2006

Another day at eLive!

Yesterday was great fun, although an expresso at the restaurant meant I was up wide awake at 2am and never really recovered. Hopefully my midday presentation will be done in an awaken state. Will Richardson's keynote will almost certainly buck me up. Will will, of course, be blogged here from 8.30GMT/9.30BST.

Img_1328 In addition to the posts here David (third from right with my new friends, Norrie, Andy and Isidora) was blogging some of Alan November's points and his summary is worth a read - more comprehensive than mine.

His report on a session covering the two biggest initiatives in Scottish education at the moment - A Currulum for Excellence and the Scottish Schools Digital Network - seems in itself and its comments to leave you wanting something more. These two developments have the potential, as Alan November noted, to change the way we work. It doesn't seem that the audience was left convinced of that and it would be interesting to see the LTScotland response to that. I want to start hearing some 'escalator talk' about what SSDN and Curriculum for Excellence mean - if someone not in education asks you in the street what these two things are all about what do we say? When they then ask how and why, what are the answers we give?


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Hi Ewan,
I don't know about the man in the street, but there are quite a few of the education ground troops who have yet to hear about SSDN. Or hear it loud enough that it sticks.
Most of us are beginning to have an inkling about 'Curriculum for Excellence' but I would not like to have explain it yet.

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