August 12, 2006

Bill blogs as an honest Man, for a that

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Hail, thairm-inspirin', rattlin' Willie!
Though fortune's road be rough an' hilly
To every fiddling, rhyming billie,
   We never read,
But take it like the unback'd up'd file,
   Proud o' her broadband.

When idly govin' whyles we saunter,
Yirr, fancy posts awa' we canter
Upstream, download, till some mishanter,
   Some black blog-hole,
Arrests us, then the scathe an' banter
   We're forced to thole.

Hale be your heart! hale be your fiddle!
Lang may your keyboard jink and diddle,
To cheer you through the weary widdle
   O' this wild flat warl'
Until you on a crummock driddle
   A gray-hair'd carl.

My Uncle Bill''s started a photo blog about his home region of Ayrshire, Burns' country. Should be great as time passes - the region is beautiful.

(poem is my 21st Century adaptation of Epistle to Major Logan)


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Some of us 'getting older' generation quite like this new technology.

Thanks for the plug though.

Uncle Bill

Good heavens, Ewan - I didn't know you had it in you! ;-p

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