August 15, 2006

The Future of Learning in a Networked World

Barbara 'Bee' Dieu Skyped me about the conference in New Zealand she's attending with many other edublogging luminaries this September 18th. Learning in a Networked World is actually a ten-day long conference spanning several venues across the islands, and the wiki points to a great variety of speakers, many of whom you will recognise from your RSS readers.

Bee is keen to involve as many learners as possible via her fav tool, Skype. I'll certainly be trying to get some of my kids involved in a Skypecast to NZ (time differences will mean this is definitely an out-of-school experience).

If you're keen to take part, too, then leave a comment here. Bee will pick it up and probably publish timings later on.


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Ewan, as ever I would be keen to support the conference in any way possible using some of the students in Shropshire schools. Let me know more when you do :)

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