August 25, 2006

Wish you were here?

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I wish I was in Dunoon this weekend. Honest. Having slid to the end of the week, feeling that I'm none the wiser and wanting to shake the cobwebs, my home town would  appear to offer all the entertainments a 21st century citizen could ever possibly need. What's more, this weekend is the Cowal Games, the world's biggest and arguably most important highland gathering, including the World Highland Dancing Championships and the one competition all the 3500 visiting pipers and drummers want to win.

I am really impressed to see that they are webcasting parts of the Games as they happen, as well as stocking the videos of the pipe bands, dancers, caber tossers and athletes for future viewing.

Back to real life, though, the McIntoshes will just have to wait another year...

Follow the games this weekend on a couple of Flickr feeds from Cowal, the area, Cowal Games and Dunoon.


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You don't really want to be here. It's wet, grey and smelling of fatty burger stalls. Trust me. I'm off to Perth for the day tomorrow!

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