September 25, 2006

Great mainstream boost for edublogging: The Guardian

Image044 I meant to write about this last week when it came out, but SETT kind of got in the way. There were a couple of great pieces in the Guardian by Douglas Blane on how new technologies can be used to collaborate across the country and beyond. Welcome to those readers, and I hope you subscribe to this blog (right-click and copy into your Bloglines account) to keep up-to-date with the educational blogosphere.

Where many tend to start with the perceived dangers of social networking for learning, Douglas chose to show what 90% of it's about: making connections and learning together, teacher, parent and student as partners in learning. There was also a good piece by John Davitt on how Scotland is leading the way in this field as the national intranet, Glow, picks up momentum and Blane features what was on show as the most successful SETT closes its doors for one more year. I don't mean to blow the Scottish trumpet (or is that bagpipe), but after an inspiring week I felt moved to show that it's not just a bunch of geeks driving this forward. Collaboration and the use of the latest tech to make it so is becoming so very much more into the mainstream. Heck, Glow pens have become the latest nightclub accessory.


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"making connections and learning together, teacher, parent and student as partners in learning."
I've been thinking about this. More tomorrow (she said, promisingly)

I've nailed my thoughts to the door over at blethers today.

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