October 31, 2006

Ego surfing: try it some day

Edublogsrank In the World of Blog you'll often hear people refer to Technorati, the blog search tool. By searching for a blog address, though, you can get all sorts of information on how reliable a source of info it is by how many people and what people link to it. Very useful when you're not sure about who or what you are reading.

It's also the home of a great sport: egosurfing. Find out who's linking to you, what they're saying (good and bad) and how far out of the world's 58 million or so blogs you are up the scale.

I've just discovered that my own blog has moved up a wee bit in recent times now lying roughly as the UK's 90th blog (since this roundup was done), no. 13,429 overall, just behind the former Head of Knowledge Management at the BBC, Euan (not Ewan) Semple, and Techcrunch UK, and pipping in front of SpyBlog (if you know what I wanted to be when I was a wee boy this is monumental for me ;-) It's also pretty reassuring in the face of unconstructive nonsense like this (constructive nonsense, however, I quite like).

Take a look at your blog and see where it lies. More importantly, see what people are saying about you and your work. Nice surprises or scary stones to turn over?


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Try it some day, but maybe not every day, and definitely not every few minutes. It's easy to get stuck in a round of checking this, checking your feedburner stats, then taking a peek at what Google Analytics is telling you..... Before you know it, you've taken up all the time you could have spent writing a post on your blog!

I just imagine hypothetically that this might happen - I would of course never succumb to such poor time management ;)

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