October 09, 2006

Full post feeds on edu.blogs.com

After over a year of providing only partial feeds of edu.blogs.com for those who subscribe through Bloglines or GoogleReader, I've decided to release that content and give it all, full and unadulterated, streaming into your RSS reader. I'm interested to see how it affects readership in the long term and how it affects the number reading my feed. Let me know if this is something which makes reading the blog easier for you and please don't forget to come back now and then to the page itself to remind yourself of what I look like ;-)


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Well we have to come back to yr luvly page to comment ;-) How do you track your readership - some tips would be handy. I have sitemeter and the little map with measles but neither of them really match up...

At last! Making any post interesting in the first 50 word is impossible. I often miss your news.

Now I won't.

Hi Ewan,

Please let me know what you find in terms of readership, tracking, etc. It would be a good follow-up to the post. You look to have used Feedburner so I would think you may have slightly better tracking than I do?


I prefer to check out the original - must be a childish preference for the coloured page. Oh, and the comments ....

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