October 29, 2006

Moblogging from MDA Smartphone

This T Mobile MDA Smartphone is the bees' knees for blogging along with the typepad app I was able to grab. It does make me less stressed about not having connectivity wheb I'm out and about presenting or conf blogging.

But this is also the very kind of tool I hope to see in East Lothian over the next two years with our involvement and consulting on the Learning Hubs 1-2-1 project. It's even got a wee keyboard which allows me to type at about 30 words a minute. Not bad at all and improving with practice.

I doubt I can share the cost publicly but 2GB internet and free calls is less than a tenner a month. Digital divide? It could be getting narrow.


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Been wondering about posting to blogs by mobile. Can you give me any clues about how to go about it...trying to think ahead for next years France trip.

Ewan that sounds like a pretty decent deal - I am going to look into a sort of blogging kit for my school and was thinking about purchasing a cameraphone so moblogging is a simple option from the get-go.
I have been looking (longing for maybe for myself as well) at the new Sony Ericsson K800i which even has a 3.2 mega-pixel digital camera with auto focus, an image and video stabiliser and flash.
Could be a good combo and has the option to blog straight to a Blogger blog.
What is the 1-2-1 project you refer to?

Looks great Ewan, I hope I get to see the MDA in the flesh next time we meet. Some serious tech envy going on here. The possibilities are endless, perfect for trip blogging. Can you use this as a modem via bluetooth? How long did it take to upload that photo?
After seeing your post about Jordanhill I've been testing the mobloging on our blog (via email) this MDA would be just the ticket.

I've had one for a couple of months now and I love it! I did all my blogging from SETT on it and I was amazed how easy it is to type on it.

I got told today that the planning committee has approved our proposals, including a mobile device such as the Vario II for every pupil in the school :-)

I was gutted to be told to day that with my Mac I cannot use the mobile as a modem - need a driver. I'll find it though and try to get that working.

The upload time using the Typepad app is almost instant. I don't know how it does that but it's even quicker than looking up webpages which is about an average of 5 or 6 seconds per page.

not bad, for a GPRS.

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