October 17, 2006

Teachers TV appearance tonight

The nice people at Teachers TV reckoned I had something coherent to say on supporting teachers of Modern Languages in primary schools. They filmed my ramblings on online teacher support through the MFLE (and by proxy through Glow) months ago and tonight it goes live, at 5.15pm. Don't worry if you can't get the video recorder on in time, or if Richard and Judy's pull is too much, or if you're outside this island nation, as the programmes will be available online soon, I am assured.


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Rats! I've just watched a programme about Hinduism, one about French rap songs, one about not teaching children how to say what colour their mother's hair is in Spanish (tricky if your mum is Mrs Blethers!) and was into the second MFL ICT review when I came back to your blog and checked the date. Scunner! You were on last night. I turned off Star Trek to watch all that stuff! Double scunner! :-)

Hmmm. The shirt was loud, I liked the cosiness of the mug on the desk, and I think I've seen that laptop before. Good stuff mate.

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