November 23, 2006

Blog nan Gaidheal

Today I was up at 6am to join the Gaelic Masterclassers in Stirling, hoping later on to meet Jim from blogland in real life.

Photo_27 I was leading the blogging workshop, pleased to be able to offer the MFLE’s robust Typepad service to our Gaelic language teachers. Not speaking a word of Gaelic beyond
"Tha gaol agam ort." (I love you) I did what most linguists would do – I started with reading some material first.

So rather than the usual slightly bemusing and often depressing pitch of “let’s read some edubloggers talking about edublogging and then start our own edublogs” (well, seeing oodles of text from years back from some of our leading lights is a little overwhelming for most), we started by looking out some blogs in Gaelic that were of interest to those present. A quick jump and skip over to PageFlakes or Netvibes allowed us to keep our Gaeldom in one place while we went off to yet more Blogrolls in search of new friends.

Over the next couple of posts I'll do a kind of "how to" on using a homepage such as Netvibes or Pageflakes and another on how to get blogging on an MFLE Typepad blog.


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