November 07, 2006

Online Information Conference: Keynote Panel with Scoble et al

  Robert Scoble, 'Naked' 
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I was over the moon and incredibly daunted at the proposition that was made to me a few months ago to take part in the Online Information Conference's keynote panel on the Light Web, alongside Adriana, Matt Locke and Alex Bellinger. I'll be talking about how LT Scotland and East Lothian (temp homepage) are using/trying to use social media to make life more efficient, more connected and break down hierarchies. In education, as we know, breaking down the links between organisation and 'customer' is vital to improving what we can offer.

But I'm even more pleased as punch since finding out that Robert Scoble will be joining us to talk through the same issues. Co-author of Naked Conversations (along with Shel, who visited last month), he will hopefully find the education perspective as interesting as Shel and Rick did (I hope). It's above all the conversations opened up afterwards which are the most interesting part, I'm sure.

Are there any points I should be making? Speak now or forever hold thy sandwich.


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