November 01, 2006

Short and sharp filming advice

While preparing some students for filming a promo film for the Scottish Learning Festival I was faced with tonnes of really useful material. I made up a kind of summary of the important bits and put it into one Word file, which I'm making available to you (and also getting off my hard disk this way ;-)

I think it could be useful in making any film by anyone of any age that little bit better when you get to the cutting room.

Download Filming_Guide.doc


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This looks great Ewan a really useful and clear reference guide for students which is full of top tips!

Woah this is excellent! Just looking at embarking upon some DV projects at the moment so this is perfect timing. Thanks for making this available.

I'd be interested to know which camcorder / mic combo people are using.

I've used mid-range DV cameras but they must have DV in AND out so that you can store films on DV cassette and not clog up your hard disks. Make sure they've got a mic in, too. As for mics, over to someone else...

We will have DV advice appearing on the MFLE soon.

Thanks for the document. I have read several books on the subject, but really always wanted something as concise as this.

Thanks Ewan, this will be of great help. Over the next month a couple of our pupils will be working with some volunteers with a housing organisation in Edinburgh to produce a video on 'corporate parenting' which will air at the Scottish Throughcare and Aftercare Forum conference in Crieff in December.

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