November 30, 2006

Surprise conference: Mediatech 2.006

Mediatech_title On Tuesday I received a very kind invite from Sherry Coutu (no link - she still needs to get her blog ;-) to attend Mediatech 2.006, taking place today at the Imax Theatre in Waterloo (now that really is a cool conference venue). Since our keynote panel discussion yesterday ended with a question of where traditional media would be headed (with some interesting comparisons to be made with traditional public sector organisations' ways of 'user interaction') it is a nice segway. TechCrunchUK provides a nice summary of what's in store.

The blurb says:

This is not another talking shop. MediaTech 2.006 puts the convergence in one room: gathering the innovators, the disruptors, the investors and the corporate players face-to-face.

Strong words - I reckon I must be disruptive a disruptor. I'm looking forward to garnering some ideas and making some new friends (and being thoroughly bush by the end of this 8am-8pm conference)

It's sometimes the most unlikely places and people, too, who open the next door. Yesterday, for example, I had a great time inbetween meetings speaking to Bart and Ella from the Dutch Ministry of Transport Communications Directive. They were not sure how to convince the Dutch Minister for Transport and all the "Sir Humphreys" (my vocabulary) that social media would be a great way to passify late commuters, get great suggestions for transport innovations in Holland or simply to provide a better service to travellers. With a pint of Guinness in hand I went off on one and, hey presto, have been told to pop into the Hague the next time I'm in Holland to share my ideas further.

(I'm also pretty grateful to Robert for pointing out MediaTech was today and not tomorrow - meaning I can join him on his London Geek Pub Crawl tomorrow afternoon).


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You? Disruptive? Never .....

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