November 05, 2006

Two World Wars, Two sets of Flickr 'primary' historical resources

Via BoingBoing came wind of these amazing Flickr photo sets which contain scans of documents created by the Flickr photographer's grandfather while he was incarcerated in concentration camps both in WW1 and in WW2. These things are superb. The grandson explains:

269879716_f1e030f9da_b The first issue of the magazine produced inside the WWI camp for English POWs in Germany. My grandfather, Sol Geduld, was the German-born son of a British subject (Harris Geduld) and put in Ruhleben at the age of 8 in the year 1915 where he lived for one year until he was traded with his father in exchange for two German prisoners. See the WW1 artefacts here


One of two notebooks written by my grandfather, Sol Geduld, while in training to become an aircraft inspector, first for Handley Paige and their Halifax Bomber and later for De Haviland and their Mosquito fighter bomber. All of the drawings are his own. He had no formal education after the age of 16 up to this point. See the WW2 artefacts here.

Something worth passing on to your history department colleagues, I feel sure.

Update: This came across my desk today, too, from Tryangulation: the Maps of War websitesshows in animated form how countries have evolved through the wars which have shaped them.


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This looks great - the maps of war web site is particularly good. It would be useful for both geography and history. Thanks for posting the URL.

I'll definitely pass it on as it looks fascinating. Handy too for anyone do some of the literature/background options for Higher and Advanced Higher or for our p7s who are going to be looking at the Diary of Anne Frank - unfortunately they won't be able to see them in school as Flickr is blocked, but would perhaps give staff a starting point.

You could always save them to disk from the Flickr site and set up a slideshow in Good Ol' Windows XP ;-)

Hey Ewan I will make the most of these during our topic on WW2 this term!
If you don't mind me also throwing into the mix another great Flickr set that comprises of almost 3000 examples of the iconic propaganda posters used throughout the war.

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