December 01, 2006

BBC on Bebo

After meeting one of the Directors of Bebo yesterday talking about how some organisations are being pushed through to their homepage profiles, and then heading over there this morning, I was quite taken aback by the Bebo presence of the BBC, looking for 13-16 year olds who want to appear on the Click technology programme to talk about their Bebo experiences. Even more entertaining is the ensuing discussion as those older than 16 feel slightly silly for being on Bebo ;-)

It was interesting to hear from Mark that the next step for Bebo is going mobile (quelle surprise). They are in talks with carriers about how this might be done, but it's just another step towards kids being connected to their mates 24/7, and not just 200 minutes a day. It's also a wake up call for even more education authorities that they must get on board now before they become even more irrelevant to their learners' real lives.


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