January 09, 2007

BETT Blogging - what tag are you using?

This year I was in two minds as to whether to go to BETT, the largest educational conference in the UK. In the end I hope the UK's burgeoning blogging community will help keep me, and those who can't/don't go around the country, informed of the latest gizmos and great talks and allow me to catch up on some new although prety urgent projects.

What I was wondering is what tag people are using. Might I suggest that, if minds haven't been made up, people use BETT07? Typing 'BETT' into Technorati simply returns loads of German bloggers (nothing against German bloggers, just that they're not discussing a tech show) and anything else seems a bit long.


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Thanks for this timely reminder Ewan, BETT07 it shall be, sorry we won't see you there in person.

Ewan, I will most certainly keep you in touch with what I see and thanks for the tip about the 'tag' to use. I will be not least upset that ULTRALAB will not be there. A focal point of my visits for too many years to remmeber I am disturbed and saddened by the dismantling of this important and groundbreaking group of people. I expect to see many people on the VLE bandwagon and hope to spend some time manning the MOODLE stand - was it REALLY a whole year ago that the www.helpusgettobett.com project reached its zenith?

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