January 01, 2007

New Year Interactive Whiteboard treat for first day back

Newyear Go on, give the kids a treat on the first day back at school by letting them have a play with these 360 degree panoramas of the world's different New Year celebrations on the interactive whiteboard.

The NYC one has added bonus of Christina for the pop fans and steadycam/autocue/TV production stuff for the geeks. The Sydney one even comes with countdown and extra cheers. Happy New Year!

Update 17/02/07: Tim Rylands has some ideas on using these images for creative thinking and writing.


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Wish I had recorded Tobermory for posterity, where the full moon, clear skies and fireworks over the bay made it quite stunning!

Sounds very different from anywhere else in Scotland - and it sounds lovely! Happy New Year, Lynne.

Thanks for highlighting these, as a Geographer, I can see a number of uses. I'll show these on my I return. Happy New Year.

Wow. That’s the only thing I have to say.

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