January 09, 2007

Turning Flickr upsidedown: FlickrBackup

Flickrbackup Those of you in my Flickr contacts will know how many times I update my stream - a lot. There is good reason for this. When my increasingly regular computer spikes occur I have, at least, a backup somewhere on the web. But have you ever thought about how you would get all those photos back off Flickr and into the warmth of your humble hard disk?

Cue FlickrBackup. This great piece of Open Source (i.e. free) software downloads to your Mac, PC or Linux machine and then sucks all your original photos from your online account onto your hard disk. It even keeps them organised into the sets you had arranged them on beforehand. How cool is that? I thought I was going to be in for a long period of control-click-save-back-click - instead, it's been whirring away for the past three hours picking off around two months' worth (or 1000) pics. It's also cool for getting a copy of all those moblogged pics. So, what's keeping you? FlickrBackup rightaway!


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Cool! Open Source is always "free as in speech" as well as often being "free as in beer".

As they are jpg images that have been saved to the computer, then saved to flickr, then saved again to the computer, I guess they will have lost some definition ... but at least you can get them back!

What a good thing! One of life's niggling worries sorted :-)

It depends on what definition you upload your photos as. I always upload in full definition. You can set that in the programme from which you upload your pics.

Thanks for the tip. Still, I always back up my stuff on DVD just to be sure.

Well, this also allows you to backup direct from Flickr to CDRom or DVD. Easier, even, than doing it manually from the hard disk.

Hi Ewan,

Is this Mac only? Have a look at Flickr AutoDownloadr http://flickrslideshow.fateback.com/

It allows you to download your Flickr sets en masse and play them in a full screen slideshow too.

Best wishes


P.S Referring to your BETT post, I'll be recording my session on Saturday. Here are the details:

No, Joe, as I've said it's for PC, Mac and Linux. It's made in Open Standards.

Sorry Ewan, I forgot to read the small print.

Thanks for the kind words! Just thought I would let you know a new version is out. Thanks to everyone for spreading the word!


Hey! I just read your review on this, but the site is down and the stuff I downloaded from sourceforge can't be unzipped (tried 3 different apps)
is there any way you can help me get ahold of this, maybe by emailing me the app?
I really really need this!

You on a Mac or PC? I'll email it to you if you can let me know.

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