February 05, 2007

DramaZone Podcast

Dramazone Normally I spend Saturday mornings padding around the house, making coffees and reading The Guardian (print edition), occasionally watching the most dire in television from my youth on cable. This weekend past was a little different. Instead of acting like a teenager, as I normally do on a Saturday morning, I was out at 6am to cross the Central Belt to Glasgow and work with acting teenagers at the DramaZone.

DramlogoDramaZone is run by colleague Carole Gillespie, offering an enviable mix of drama, dance and media skills to those brave souls who come along. They're aged from about 6-18 years, so it was a varied bunch I was asked to introduce to podcasting. Only one of the 25 or so kids had ever seen anything like Garageband. I hope that they all go back to their schools today and demand Audacity and Garageband projects to wrap up their latest projects or to make their revision tools.

Anyway, please do have a listen to the podcast they produced in about two-and-a-half hours. I had minimal involvement - these guys were really quick learners. They've used laptop mics, USB mics and mobile phones to record the material, before mixing it together into this 12 min, 5MB show:

Listen now: Download DramaZonePodcast.mp3


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