February 10, 2007

edu.blogs.com in the Guardian today: What's the best way to teach a language?

I'm dead chuffed to have been able to get into my favourite section of Saturday's Guardian: the Work one (I should point out that it's my favourite because it tends to talk about anything but work). In Tricks of the Trade I put forward my ideas for how we can teach languages. Unsurprisingly, technology features heavily because of its ability to let me learn when I want to and in the way I want to. Simple, really.


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Good idea, Ewan - the podcast search. I did a quick search and found many interesting resources - useful and, as you say, free! Thanks.

Ewan, thank you for the idea with podcasts.
I am trying to learn French, as a German.

Congratulations on being mentioned in the Guardian (in a positive report!). Hope you enjoy the Dutch - it's a good time of year to practice clearing your throat: one of my favourite Dutch words "gezellich" takes a lot of throat-clearing http://rubyrennie.edublogs.org/2007/01/07/untranslatable/
wat leuk!

Good mention, huh?
You may be interested to know that edu.blogs takes an age to load today - can't just be 'cos I'm in Virginia!

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