February 13, 2007

Nanoquest - a game to learn about nano technology

Nanoquest I don't know if Nanoquest would fall into Schaffer's definition of an epistemic game, but it certainly taught me a heck of a lot more about what nanotechnology is and how the elements that make it up play off each other.

That said, I'm a teacher and looked at the teacher notes after having some fun in this first-person seek-'em-out-type game, chasing after nano parts for my nanocar before driving it across some particularly static and sticky gold nano plates to the wormhole. But I thought that, as an introduction to the world's fastest growing technology sector, it wasn't bad at all and gave the fun element to science where, to be honest, it's difficult for the school to provide a realistic firsthand experience.

It's available as a download or, like me, you can play the web-based Flash version. (Thanks Dan at Flux).


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This was paid for by the Irish government, and was sent out as a CD version to every school in Ireland - a brave initiative I would like to see other governments taking part in.

thank u

Great post. I thought I would leave a comment. :)
As part of my MSc in Science Communication I am currently doing a dissertation on the use of digital games in science education with particular focus on the 3D digital game Nanoquest.
One element of my research is to conduct survey of secondary school teachers to get insight into their thoughts on use digital games in education and of the game Nanoquest.
If you are a science teacher could you please take the time to fill out this short online survey or could you pass it onto any irish science teachers you may know. http://www.vanderpuil.com/survey/index.php?sid=2
Thanks, Fi

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