February 25, 2007

Open markets are the only way we can compete - and it's the same for education systems

The Director of the eTwinning Programme makes the point that in business open markets and free trade are the only ways we can operate to remain competitive. The differentiating factor that will bring one business above another is innovation. But, he says, the same is also true of education systems. We can't operate in a bubble, a closed shop, not sharing what we do - everything we do - and how we do it.

This very cosmopolitan European conference, where I've been talking shop with educators from 25 different countries and cultures, has really started to make me think about the role of one of Scotland's biggest educational projects, Glow, the national intranet. The whole concept of the intra instead of the extra- is something which seems, to me at least, to be at odds with the Commissioner's European model. It's not a knock on my part of an ambitious, exciting project, just a 'wonder'. I want it to be a success but I also want reaching out to other cultures to be a success far more.

He says: The future is ours. Let's build it together. Where will Scotland fit into this?


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Maybe your concept of an open market is different from mine but in industry an open market is a bunch of companies hiding their innovations away from everybody else until they are ready to go to market.
They are definately not open about sharing ideas or concepts before that point. Unless they are trying to sell those ideas.
I agree that education systems should be as open and sharing as possible but is that the same a competing against each other?
The Intranet concept of Glow has always worried me a bit but I see that evolving in the future.

I agree Open is the way forward. We don't have all the ideas and how are others able to contribute if we talk in a closed way?

Hopefully, some of the Glow people will attend barcampScotland at the weekend to see the benefits to be gained.

Cheers for your efforts on making it all happen. I can not wait for Saturday.

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