February 24, 2007

Skill2Skill - Peer-to-Peer Learning Platform or LinkedIn for students?

Skill2Skill is a social networky type learning environment which puts the emphasis on what abilities students have, what skills they are able to offer and links them socially to other students around Europe. It's kind of like LinkedIn for students, where students can search for each other based on skills.

The ambition of the project leader is that all eTwinning schools use this as part of their work, meaning that students in 25,000 schools could be sharing their knowledge or skills online.

It's a nice idea but I think the concept of sharing knowledge is being stretched beyond what it's most useful for: connecting skills students have, offering a marketplace for their skills. Knowledge is there for free to find on the web and, while not as much a commodity as I've perhaps implied in other posts, I don't see the value in linking knowledge to an individual. Better to leave the concept at getting the skills that individual has to help you make your powerpoint for your school project better with their ideas on cool powerpoint, or get their help in making your first podcast.

Finally, someone asked about how blogging was integrated to this and the company founder gave an answer to try and please him. Fact is, this doesn't need to be a blogging, wiki-ing platform. It does one thing really well - helps kids find other kids with certain skills. Once they've met they can decide what tools to use, wherever those tools are.

Interesting idea, well done from what I can see. Take a look at the screen grabs to get a wee flavour of what it's like.


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