March 01, 2007

BarCampScotland ready to go - with UnRugby this Friday night!

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This Saturday there are still places in a packed BarCampScotland if you fancy coming along to hear some creative ideas to do with technology, marketing, cool tools and innovation.

It's been great to see nearly 100 sign up on the wiki with loads more emails to get through and tonnes of UpComing names to sync up with the BarCampScotland wiki page.

The Edinburgh-Stanford Link and Edinburgh University's School of Informatics have helped sponsor the location, the food and the wine, so all these people (we expect somewhere between 150-200 on the day) can be fed, watered and inspired for free.

It's almost certainly the biggest new tech event to take place north of the border so far.

Chinwag are kindly sponsoring the after event drinks, so do plan on staying on for some even more unconferenced informalness.

UnConference's UnRugby this Friday night
And if you want a pre-Unconference unsocial (not anti-social) then Friday night's invite to Murrayfield's President Suite is open for just a fiver to BarCampers to watch the Edinburgh Rugby match. Drinks in Henry J. Bean's after. It's all very, well, 'un'. Unconference, unrugby etc etc... Details on the wiki.

Whatever you do on Friday/Saturday, bring your cameras and laptops along and tag everything BarCampScotland and BarCamp. And have fun.

See you there!


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I am hoping to come through and watch the Rugby. Hopefully see you their

I don't know if I'll make it to the rugby, but looking forward to seeing what you've got up to on Saturday.

Hi Ewan, well done for a fantastic event, I'm reading the fallout on the blogosphere and it all sounds very positive.

Sorry we couldn't be there in person but I hope the beers went some way to ensuring our presence of a variety ;) Hope to make it to the next one.


Thayer @ Chinwag

They certainly did! Thanks for your last minute support. It made a pleasant difference to the end of the event, where all the real networking begins, of course!

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