March 02, 2007

BarCampScotland wiki woes

For some reason PBWiki has let us down for BarCampScotland, meaning that several of the registrations since yesterday and, before I put it back from the Google Cache I found, the sponsors listings had been lost. There's no page history, either. Really disappointing. I've managed to retrieve a fair bit (and save a text copy backup) but do head over and make sure your name is there if you signed up recently.


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Hi! We're sorry if you're having problems with the BarCamp PBwiki. I'm *very* interested in hearing what issues have come up and in resolving them. We take great pride in not losing user data, so please let me know exactly what issues you had and we'll work with you to resolve them.

For the readers of this blog, we worked closely with the BarCampScotland team to make sure the event was a success; everything was quickly straightened out! :)

Absolutely - I did mention it in a later post but didn't strikethrough this one - apologies, David! I'll get on to it later when I have access to the backend of the blog.

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