March 22, 2007

Scottish Executive Youth Justice Away Day

  View from the hotel, North Berwick 
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I'm out in the beautiful surroundings of a North Berwick hotel to help out on a Scottish Executive "away day" of the Youth Justice and Children's Hearings Department. The themes are along communication and new media, since this group form part of both the complex education and justice departments and are interested to see how they could communicate differently.

Their warmup session is based around a fun wee game on what text language (or is it txt lge?) is. Had they been really connected, of course, they would be working it out on this site ;-)

I'll be seeing if podcasting, reading and writing blogs, Flickr, GoogleDocs and wikis, and an aggregator like PageFlakes might be of use. Fuller notes, albeit in French, can be found from last week's Dutch presentations.


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Hi Ewan

I hope that some are inspired. You and I know of some positive effects of giving a voice to 'excluded' young people.

As if by magic, last night I uploaded a Throughcare and Aftercare podcast which was broadcast at the Scottish Throughcare and Aftercare Forum conference last December. It was produced in conjunction with Move On, a housing charity based in Edinburgh. It can be downloaded from

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