April 25, 2007

Google Maps - swimming and James Bond's Lotus

Firefoxscreensnapz001 After seeing a few people, the last of whom was our very own Guineapig Mum, blogging about the ridiculous journey suggested by Google Maps for Paris-New York (I don't think I would manage it even with arm bands), I was further stupified to see that inhabitants of Dunoon, my home town, are expected to drive their car (turn left towards Tarbert Street) across the River Clyde - there is no bridge.

You don't need James Bond's Lotus Esprit to manage this although that would be a nice alternative to the rocky cork-in-the-water roll-on-roll-offs that they run at the moment.


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Good, eh? You can just see the guys at Google, confronted with a seriously tedious job, thinking - well, if they're going to ask such stupid questions...

They obviously don't support private enterprise!

There must have been times when driving off Dunoon pier seemed pretty attractive! lol

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