May 04, 2007

24 Hours In One Day - Flickr

24hours A wonderful project to get involved in this Saturday if you have a camera handy: photograph your entire day, share and discover with others what it is the world gets up to on a Saturday. It's 24 hours of shared photos of one day on Flickr.

Flickr, the photosharing website, is free and easy to sign up to and use. All you need is a digital camera and a web connection at some point on Saturday. Join the group and send your pictures there from your account.

I can't wait to see how some of the current 20,000 odd people spend their day of rest / day of study / day of work / day of religious observance / day of time with the family... The group discussions are already, in themselves, great lessons in otherness: where do you live, do you believe in Godis global warming man-made or natural, which language do you speak?...

For people like me who work better with visuals this might just be the best lesson in what's actually going on in this crazy planet for one moment captured in time. Thanks very much to Gordon for suggesting I take part. I can't wait!


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Now if only I hadn't lost my camera last week. I have located it but it will return too late for this.

Too busy installing a fire door and putting on lock and handles but the mess would have made a good photo. Took the advice in the shop of someone who seemed to know what he was talking about and I spent most of the day trying to sort out the problems his "advice" caused. But you know what a stubborn ******** I am and I am proud to say it's all up and working.

I did go out tho and take a photo of part of a little square which was looking lovely with a SOLID carpet of pink blossom. Battery died but went back again later.

Eva F

By the way Grant Fraser has joined us ( for his sins!!)

Damn - wish I'd seen this post earlier - sounds like a great project...

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