May 22, 2007

Having a wag of chins with Tim

We had one of those moments when those who meet in the virtual worlds suddenly realise who's sitting there in the real world. Tim and I ended up having some lunch together, talking about how tricky it is to travel for work, missing your family, enjoying the new experiences and learning new things all the time, and where the blog fits in to remember all these new things.

I shared Splashr and some bloggy tricks to get some more traction and comments, while Tim shared RockYou for photo sharing in blog posts and oodles more ideas on teaching with virtual worlds and games. The one thing we both agreed on: this has more to do with stuff your favourite teachers have been doing for ages but in a different way.

Previewscreensnapz001 One of the things I wish I had shared with Tim was Shotcodes. You go to the site on your phone and download the software fit for your brand of phone. Then you take a picture of these things when you see 'em: (this one is to give you details for tomorrow night's TeachMeet07)

BTW, TeachMeet07 is tomorrow night, Wednesday 23rd, and Oscar has promised to bring some clay with him. Be prepared! Get yourself signed up on the wiki.


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Bags a shot with the clay! :-)

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