May 20, 2007

Oscar Stringer: TeachMeet07's Guest of Honour

  Oscar Stringer, Animation workshops 
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It was great to get an email from animation ace Oscar Stringer tonight, confirming that he would be joining us at TeachMeet07 for some beer, bordeaux, blogs (and probably a bit of claymation, too ;-) He'll be joining the likes of Will Richardson, in May 2006, and Dave Weinberger, who quietly slipped in to join us in September 2006's event, as our 'outside favourite', our 'Guest of Honour' if you will.

I was lucky enough to be in a large audience with Oscar in Brussels a couple of months ago, learning some more animation tricks from Oscar. This week he'll be throughout the Lothians, particularly in East Lothian, teaching teachers and students alike how to get the most out of animation. Tomorrow, I'll blog, flickr and vlog from Ross High, Tranent, on how things are going.

Don't forget, if you want to join us on Wednesday night, to follow the instructions here. Also, is there anyone else blogging about their hopes for the night out there? What kind of things do you hope to see? Who do you hope to meet? What would you like to find out?


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Oscar taught a group of Irish teachers for a week long course about two years ago, of which I was one. It was all to do with Digital Video and Animation. We had a ball and thanks to him and the other Apple Distinguished Educators who were there courses are now springing up in Education Centres all across the country - by the way, my students love animation.
Say "Hi, from Ireland" and enjoy your meet-up.

Try as I might, I can't make it up to Edinburgh Wednesday. There have to be groups like this near London, aren't there? Do you know of anyone around London who'd be interested in something like this?

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