May 21, 2007

Public-Private: Watch your data on Facebook

Facebook Antony's worrying me this morning with his personal experience of being covered up on Facebook. If a network starts to spook its community, what does the community do...?

I don't think there's any data about me on my Facebook profile that I wouldn't mind people seeing, but I am making conscious checklists in my mind when I create my online profiles. What about the average "Bebo-boomer" who just fires stuff up without reading the small print? And remember, Facebook have been in hot water before, and didn't really do anything worthwhile to sort it out.


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I agree, there seems to be quite a bit of evidence to suggest Facebook is not all it seems. This video posted by Vicki Davis on Cool Cat Teacher raises some deep concerns that are also echoed in the Educause Learning  7 Things You Should Know papers.

Hi Ewan
Did you read this article in yesterdays observer. Very interesting.,,2083798,00.html.
Everyone needs to be so aware of what they put online as more and more employers and such like check out the online presence of prosepctive employees.

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