May 22, 2007

Thinking about exercises in style

Just talking things through with Evelyn and Diarmid from the Royal High School I began to see links with my days in France, a nation that is crazy for graphic novels, where, as Diarmid says, it's almost seen as a high art form.

Exercices de style is one of my favourite French reads (and available in translated form) where the same story is told n number of times. Evelyn has introduced me to 99 Ways To Tell A Story, a visual version of Queneau's masterpiece. It tells the same story in 99 ways, through visuals, graphic novel style, from the Bayeux Tapestry style to the Dan Dare version.

Suddenly I'm seeing yet more projects for our English teachers to get their teeth into, with a degree of technology, but, above all, working with departments as varied as Modern Languages, Art, Music... What ideas do you see?


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