June 25, 2007

Enquire Blog: Supporting young people by young people

Enquire_blog Enquire is a group set up to help parents and young people who need some extra support in school. I met one of their staff, Katy, on the train a year ago and, since then, she's been a major force in setting up a blog to get information direct to the young people who need it. Importantly, it's written by both Enquire staff and the young people they work with. Katy's also been along to TeachMeet06 and engaged with other teacher bloggers.

A couple of months ago there was a post about what blogging this way might bring to the young people. I didn't reply straight away, I didn't want to. I wanted to see where the blog would go without too much interference. The answer is strength to strength, as current posts show some really useful information being made available for parents, teachers and learners all of the country. But even more interesting is the insight to the ups and downs of the young people's lives, unedited, unabridged yet in a relatively safe online environment. Have a look and see if you can help the young people answer their question about whether blogging like this is worth it.


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Bit behind in my reading! Thanks for posting this. That meeting on the train was very lucky for me (love public transport) as the information and ideas from you and other education bloggers is so helpful. I'm happy to say the young authors will be back after the summer holidays with more unique thoughts and anarchic spelling.

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