June 12, 2007

Re-inventing Project-Based Learning

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I can't get to the USA for NECC this year but think I might just have started participating in it anyway, in a session I'm sure I would have been along to. Re-inventing Project-Based Learning is the blog from Jane Kraus and Suzie Boss and I just got invited to join their nascent Flickr photo group of screenshots and photographs of what project-based learning might look like.

I've fired off some invites from my Flickr contacts but, with all the pseudonyms people give themselves, I'm sure I've missed a lot of people out. Do head along yourself if you think you might have an example to share. I'm thinking much of the preparatory work in Extreme Learning would fit in well here, as well as some of the initial real-life examples East Lothian schools have started to produce.

Why Flickr screenshots and pics? Because sometimes all you want is a visual flash at what is possible before trying to apply the principle to the culture and framework in your school or classroom. Should be fun...


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