June 19, 2007

Social entrepreneurship for leaders of learning

Doug Richards
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We're looking for socially entrepreuneering leaders in East Lothian schools. Not entrepreneur leaders à la Alan Sugar or Dragons' Den (although the one I've met is more socially entrepreuneering than I would have imagined at first). That means looking for people who can make "sustainable social transformations". It's a different kind of profit from the financial kind, it's the kind of leaders who can ride the wave of the contexts that surround them, adapting where necessary and taking advantage of opportunities as they appear, but not losing sight of their main objectives. It's the kind of leader who can "act boldly without being limited by resources currently at hand".

How this kind of leadership takes shape is maybe best seen by taking a close look at a (good) conductor of an orchestra. My dad's a good conductor, a leader of musicians. Just like Don's experience when meeting the conductor of the RSNO, I was led by every orchestra leader I've had, not by points and shouts (the ones who tried failed miserably and I'd batter away on the percussion regardless) but by inviting me with open arm and open hand, open regard even. I would then take the moment I felt would suit best. I was led, but not ordered.

Today's presentations and the fantastic task - to rebuild a school without touching a brick - are all about that last point. I'm going to do my bit to try to help the depute heads think outside the limited resources and then think back in to what might be possible.


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