July 13, 2007

National Social Networking in Education Conference this Autumn

Naace After taking part in some of the email discussions to set the tone, I'm gutted not to be able to attend the forthcoming national social networking in education conference held by the UK's national ICT association, Naace. (I'll be at Denmark's national conference).

It'll be a great chance, I hope, for continuing the socialisation of those who are not aware of the potential of social networking tools in education, or at least not yet aware of what we can learn from social networking tools for the way we teach and learn.

There are four parallel sessions concluded with a diverse panel discussion:

Session 1

  • Collaborative spaces and networks - what do they mean for learning
  • Braided learning - how e-mature educators are using social networking techniques to influence policy

Session 2

  • The need for work force re-modelling in the light of web 2.0
  • Mobile social networking - valuable learning tool or social chit chat?

Session 3

  • Social networking from a teen's perspective
  • Digital literacy in a contemporary curriculum

Session 4

  • The internet, a new dimension for those with communication disabilities
  • Safeguarding children online - the national perspective

Exciting stuff, and great to see some national recognition and F2F discussion of where Naace can start to lobby next. Who knows, it might even lead to some more significant and swift change in Westminster and Whitehall. If you want to attend you can sign up on the Naace site.


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