July 12, 2007

Unique opportunity to meet Jeff Barr, Amazon

Jeff_barr Jeff Barr, Senior Manager at Amazon Web Service Evangelism, will talk about some of the magic behind Amazon Web Services at Strathclyde University later this month, and you're invited to come along for free.

 My good GNER and BarCamp friend, Duncan Smeed, has been lucky to secure him in Glasgow during his "European Tour", where his meetings include groups at the BBC Future Media Journalism, Oxford University, Xml Summer School as well as visiting many European countries over the next two months. His talk will be focused mainly on the technical side of Web Services.

The event has now been confirmed for Monday July 23rd in Glasgow at 5pm. If you want to head along you can add your name by visiting the event page.


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This sounds interesting, Ewan. Not for the first time, I've discovered a valuable site via your blog - in this particular case - Eventful. I've posted there about a forthcoming concert in which I am involved

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