August 01, 2007

Edinburgh Coffee Morning to my banner's rescue

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I've got to thank Fraser Waters (or is it Frasr?) from Edinburgh Coffee Morning, and one of the coolest photographing designers I've met, for creating a new banner for

For those who still do things the Old Skool way and visit the blog in person, rather than just through their RSS aggregator, it should help hold things together a bit more and remind you of where you are, just in case you forgot you were in Mr McIntosh's classroom. It brings back some of the John Lennon-esqueness of my original blog that Darren was missing while still be legible for those with floundering eyesight.

The fingers are indeed mine, part of a redux of the Great Dane Andreas Johanssen's photo of me tapping away at Reboot 9.0.

Join us for some java this Friday morning for another weekly Edinburgh Coffee Morning and see what you might be able to give and take away.


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Nice header image Ewan,
The layout looks a bit different in safari here from firefox, you might want to check it out.

I'm getting my eyes fixed tomorrow!! See my latest post "Back to school thoughts..."

Love the latest post about student views and the banner is nice. My compliments to your artist! Now i can think of you as someone nearer my age (44). Just how old (or young) are you Ewan?

Very, very, very nice graphic look Ewan.


ps. Did I say it was very nice incidentally ;-)?

pps. And a really good reminder that User Generated Content is great. But Professional Generated Content, can often be better.

Nice one Frasr, and nice one Ewan.

Maybe if I bury it in here no-one will see: I'm 29. That good or bad?

You'll probably hate this idea but why not use a rotating banner ala dnorman to display all the wonderful photos you take?

I think that would be a good idea.Gourmet coffee at adds to online coffee and giftbaskets.

Cheers guys, but i can't take all the credit. James at Whitespace chose the type face and put it together in photoshop...

The trixy CSS stuff is all mine all mine . . . moohahahaha...

See you Friday

It was tempting enough for me to move out of my RSS reader and into the OLD SKOOL mode!

A nice clean look.


That's my 16 year old brother word for cool, ace, good.

Well done Frasr & James


I love the new banner, it's gorgeous! OK, for that, we can let the John Lennonesque image go ... but don't let it be forgotten. If you decide to follow through with Dean's suggestion maybe you could work it into one of the rotating images? Also a great photo but not as good as meeting the real McCoy! ;-)

Wish I could be in Edinburgh for coffee.

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