August 13, 2007

What are your favourite podcasts for you and for your learners?

Teachmeetrs In East Lothian we're creating a new year of TeachMeet Roadshows, training events which, it's hoped, anyone can pick up and roll with. They follow a fairly 'samey' pattern, but it works since a whole school or set of departments in a school leave the event with a relatively high basic understanding of one new technology.

In the podcasting section I'm trying to work out what people reckon their favourite podcasts are, both for them as teachers developing professionally and also for students who are studying in a subject area. John and David's superb Podcast Directory provides more than enough choice for younger learners, but what about teachers? I'll try to do the same for the blogging training events soon, so feel free to add your thoughts there.

If you have a contribution to make, if you want to give a shoutout to your own podcast for teachers or learners, please do head over to the wiki and add a link.


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I am feeling envious of the East Lothian teachers, great stuff.
I mostly just listen to David, who leads to a ton of other interesting things.

Personally Im a big fan of IT conversations and the sister show they started the podcast academy.

I experimented at making my own site

and had a blog to support the project

Which has some links you might find useful on education, podcasting news and podcasting guides.

this podcast is worth a listen for beginners I think.

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