September 19, 2007

Jings - running out of time!!!!

Just wanting to show the power of the blog, and instant publishing.


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And comments that come from the blogospere. ;D

hi im sure you will be very pleased to know that this is my first ever blog and i am folowing your quote of the day 'don't think, try.'
Just to say i found your seminar today very interesting.

Enjoyed the TeachMeet tonight; good to have a chance to fit faces to names. appreciated chance to have my 2 minutes of nanofame, but sorry some folks didn't get chance to speak. Still, it shows there is a hunger from "grassroots" for this kind of CPD, informal yet informing( hey that's not a bad tagline!!) Look forward to next one....

Great session Ewan - full of enthusiasm. I enjoyed Teachmeet too. Thanks

Alright Ewan? really enjoyed the second half of the Ch4 'In The Wild' seminar and got loads of food for thought with The Learning Game Bebo project I'm getting involved with.(would post a link but its not got much on it just now) Speak soon.

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