September 14, 2007

My Scottish Learning Festival: where, with whom, doing what?

Mcintoshs_scotlearnfest07 The Learning Festival is one of these events where you have to pick and choose carefully, leave plenty of slack and not get too stressed out if you don't see everyone or do everything you wanted to. That said, a good plan is always handy. And if you're following the Festival through Connected Live from Monday, well, we've taken all the hard work out of it - sit back and enjoy things at our pace!

I could sing the praises of a huge majority of the 160-odd seminars, spotlights or keynotes, but the Festival is different for everyone, and designed to meet the desires of every teacher you can imagine. I couldn't do it justice.

Consolarium I want to just give special mention to m'colleague Derek Robertson, who has blogged this week about the gaming in education seminars taking place throughout the two day Festival. Soon, the website of the Consolarium, the Scottish Centre for Gaming and Learning, will be going live in the ICT in Education area and these events will give an sneak into the amazing work he and colleagues have been doing this past year as part of the new technologies for learning strategy. Hopefully, we'll be at a few, cameras and blogging tools at the ready.

What else will I be enjoying in particular this year? Here's my timetable, minus the fun time that will be spent working with our Connected Live podcasters, videographers and bloggers. Feel free to leave comments on the blog or to text me on +44 (0)793 23 43 188 if you want to hook up or point out something cool. Alternatively, just get onto Twitter:

Tuesday 18th
Connected_live_crew Afternoon: Recce and behind-the-scenes filming with the crew at SECC. Visiting BBC Scotland in their new HQ and PQ (Head Quarters at Pacific Quay).

Evening: Dinner with the British Council and international guests.

Wednesday 19th
9.30-10.15: Giving my seminar: We're adopting! A social media strategy for education, SECC Forth

This is an adapted version of the talk I gave in Boston earlier this year, bringing in a bit of the questioning around how public your public body (i.e. school) can be
(Book your place | see my Boston version)

10.45-11.45: Listening to Michael Fullan's keynote: Turnaround Schools, Turnaround Systems, in the Armadillo

Inthewildspeakers 13.30-16.30: Having a free lunch (it does exist), giving a talk and lapping up Channel 4's In The Wild, at the Glasgow Science Centre. The speaking action happens from around 2.30pm.

15h00-15.40: Sending good vibes to colleague Andrew Brown as he introduces our latest service, Connected Live, in the Scottish Education Village

17.00-18.00: Listening to Stephen Heppell's keynote: Twenty-first Century Learning: New Ambition, New Pedagogy, New Buildings, New Opportunities, in the SECC Armadillo.

Teachmeet07basic 18.01: Running at the fastest speeds known to mankind over the River Clyde to make it back to the Science Centre for TeachMeet07

18.02-20.30: Lapping up the fun at TeachMeet07.

20.30: Making our way to Khublai Khan's for some crocodile fritters.

Thursday 20th
Connlive_moo 9.40-10.20: Introducing Connected Live, our latest online service, in the Scottish Education Village.

11.30-12.30: Listening to Mick Waters' keynote on Making Learning Irresistable: The Challenge in England.

14.00-14.45: Giving my talk on Why Scotland's Been Blogging For Five Million Years.

This is an adapted version from Boston for a more Scottish audience, designed to show some paths for getting more people in your organisation to embrace new technologies.

15.00-19.00: Wrapping up final coverage, making sure that the 40 full audio seminars, 60 interviews, video podcast material and remaining blog posts are published, cut or archived for use in the near future on Connected Live. You'll find me in the Festival coffee shops or, later, the bar of the Crowne Plaza ;-)

20.00: Return home to Edinburgh to see my own digital native...


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