September 12, 2007

Scottish Learning Festival in Second Life

  Connected Live in Second Life 
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It's been a learning curve for me this past week working with Leon Cych at the Learn 4 Life Second Life island, getting a rolling conference programme for our home and international virtual visitors to the Scottish Learning Festival.

But, come next Tuesday night, you'll be able to pick up your Connected Live (virtual) T-Shirt, Scottish Learning Festival (virtual) goody bag and head in to listen to some of the excellent archive material from last year's event. Virtual Scottish Learning Festival is here, and not being constrained by the two days of the Face-To-Face event, will take place in events over the next few months.

Timezoned Discussions
Over the coming months we will take the main keynotes and some popular seminars from this year's event as the focus points for discussion with an international audience. We'll be hosting events at timezones to suit all continents, and would ideally take discussions towards the practical aims for that part of the world.

Weinberger, Fullan & Heppell to start off
The first discussion points will be based on Dave Weinberger's keynote on Everything Is Miscellaneous, and what it means for educators in the US & Canada, in Australasia and the Far East, taking place in the weeks after this year's Learning Festival.

We'll also be looking and listening again at Professor Stephen Heppell's keynote on 21st Century Learning, and Michael Fullan's hopes for leadership in Turnaround Schools, Turnaround Systems. I'll be hosting some of the discussions but, equally, if you're an educator anywhere in the world and would like to lead a discussion session around one of the Scottish Learning Festival videos or podcasts just let me know.

If you're not a regular Second Life user this might an opportunity to safely discover it with the rest of us - I'll post details of how to do this on Monday next week, both here and on the LTS Connected Live site, the education agency's first foray into harnessing user generated content, which is also launched Monday.

PS: If you want to play about at building stuff with LTS and the Learning Festival, just head over to the sandpit on Learn 4 Life's Island, near where all the action is happening.


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