September 18, 2007

What it takes to keep an online conference going

Packing up
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When you're not just speaking at a conference but helping maintain a new website that aims to bring all the social media coverage together, you end up needing a heck of a lot of kit to make it all happen.

When I laid it all out on my bed this morning I wasn't so sure it would fit into the Crumpler, but it all did. You can click the photo and see the notes of what exactly all this gubbins is. There was even room in the suitcase for a choice of clothes over the Learning Festival. A rare luxury indeed.


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I rarely carry quite as much gear but what distresses me when packing stuff like this is the number of different chargers/power adapters I have to pack! It's ridiculous. The sooner everyone settles on a standard like mini USB the better. :-)

Just packing up to do a training gig in London with a similar experience - leads leads leads :-)

Have a great time at the conference and looking forward to reading/hearing/watching more about it - next year we'll be there!



Curious to know how you are using the DS. Do you show people how kids can communicate with one another with it? Or, what else do you do?

One word - Ziplinq. I have the same *ahem* affliction of too much tech with me, this won't solve it, but it certainly reduces cable clutter

@ Karen: It doesn't take long for students to work out how to communicate using it, so it doesn't take long for them to find ways of harnessing that. That said, I'd like to look at ways we can use the Opera browser more effectively for world wide web stuff, rather than just bluetoothing.

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